Card Sorting Tool

Quickly organize your content and features into meaningful categories 

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Card sorting UX

Card Sorting exercise

in 4 simple steps

  • 1

    List the items that make up your product

    • App features
    • Website pages
    • Blog post ideas
    Online card sorting uxbeam setup
  • 2

    Add category labels or leave empty

    • Run a closed card sort by adding the categories
    • For an open card sort, leave empty
    Closed card sorting uxbeam setup
  • 3

    Explore reconfigurations

    • Receive your card sorting results in 15 mins
    • Merge, rename, delete items as needed
    • Create and experiment with alternative configurations
    • Send the candidates IAs to our Tree Testing tool for further validation 
    Sitemap building example
  • 4

    Output screen guides

    • Get screen guides of your product
    • Share as method delivrables
    • Send off to wireframing
    Card sorting screen wireframing uxbeam