Tree Testing Software

Discover and resolve where users get lost 

Proactively optimize navigations for success

No credit card required
UXbeam Tree testing software

Test early...

  • Discover
    • Misleading labels and groupings
    • The flows or paths that disorient users
    • Tasks most likely to cause confusion 
    • The content at risk of being overlooked
  • Validate
    • Information Architectures (IAs)
    • Sitemaps or content
    • Feature categories
    • Early prototypes
  • Optimize
    • Relabel confusing menus
    • Restructure in-product categories
    • Remove redundant paths
    • Clarify user test scenarios 

...and save valuable time...

  • ✅ Skip the hassle of recruiting

    • Access our network of vetted testers
    • Get results in 10 mins
  • 🌟 Work efficiently

    • 1-screen test setup and iteration workflow
    • Tree test editing as effortless as typing
  • 🔥 Iterate like a pro

    • No more sifting though data
    • Actionable pathfinding and navigation insights

... in 3 easy steps:

  • 1

    Set up Tree Tests in 1 screen

    Edit your tree items and structure just by typing

    Quickly map test instructions to tree destinations with our simple markup

    Test setup Tree Testing Software UXbeam
  • 2

    Discover where users get lost

    Get your test results in just 10 min!

    Easily identify paths where users commonly err 

    Clarify your IA by revising your tree copy and structure

    Test results turnaround tree testing tool UXbeam
  • 3

    Optimize for directness

    Focus on fixing the tasks that are unsuccessful or indirect

    Iterate until 80% of tasks tested are direct

    Optimization Tree Testing software UXbeam

Why UXbeam?

  • 0 time wasted on recruiting

    Free Tree Testing tool with panel access. Data are automatically sampled until your test results are conclusive

  • 100% focus on iterating

    Relabel and restructure your prototype's information architecture until 80% of tasks are direct

  • 1 Hr to optimize most trees

    With our Tree Testing software, optimize most trees within 7 iterations and 1 Hr (at a 10' turnaround)


Tree Test results

in minutes and for free

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